It's no secret that a Round The World trip requires quite a bit of funding. I am aware that no matter how many times I sing the song, "Billionaire" on my ukulele, the money will not manifest itself - every time I close my eyes. I wish it did.
But hey! I shouldn't let it discourage me, right? I may not be a high rolling urban professional, but I did have a job (until I left), so I saved as much as I could from my salary to get me started. I took a part-time job for extra cash. I sold most of my furniture, and have moved out of my beautiful apartment to Couchsurf and save on rent. 

If you want to help me out by donating some funds for my trip, maybe sponsor my lunch in Egypt or my cab fare in Costa Rica, I would totally appreciate it! And as a thank you, I'll send you a post card from any of my destinations you want to receive it from! :)

Just click on the link below and voila! You'd have helped a girl out!



Thanks guys, and wish me luck!

With love,