The 30by30 Project

The 30by30 Project was my personal attempt to find my niche, and do 30 things before my 30th birthday last March 25, 2012. They weren’t random “bucket list” items, but rather -- activities, or skills I've always wanted to learn, or a sport that seems interesting, or a hobby! An occupation! A leisurely pursuit! Not necessarily something I've never done before - it could be something I've done in the past, but never got around to continuing.

The goal was to figure out what my passion was, or my purpose. I set out only having a vague idea of what I wanted to attempt, and kept myself open to new opportunities. I had a great time learning new skills and meeting different people. This was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done for myself, I think. J

I often read my posts and laugh to myself, remembering how stressed I was in trying to get 30 things done before my deadline. I think I did pretty well.

Laugh with me and read about the 30 things I did below.