Thursday, April 26, 2012

25 of 30: The Sound of Music Tour - Channeling our Inner Lonely Goatherds

Conversation between K and I on Facebook on January 23, 2012:

And that's how it all started.

Actually, it started way before that... probably about 25 years ago when I first saw The Sound of Music on BETA. (Yes, we owned a betamax player.)
I come from a very musical family, so naturally, this movie was a big hit for all of us. My sister and I used to perform the Austrian Folk Dance (from the movie) on any open space big enough to accommodate the "step-hop, step hop" movement!
In our school play, I played the role of Kurt. I think it was because I was the only one in my class who could hit his high note in "So Long, Farewell," ---- Remember his part? "Goodbyyyyyyyyye!!"

I knew all the songs, recite the lines from the movie, dance all the steps to "Sixteen going on Seventeen" --- I was borderline obsessed!

And so was K!

So when I plotted my Eurotrip, I wasn't going to let the opportunity to go to Salzburg pass. The Sound Of Music Tour must be done. It is law.

I downloaded the movie on to my Ipad, and K and I watched the whole thing on the train from Zurich to Salzburg. We had to! It was like a review... just in case they had pop quizzes  on the bus. You never know... Plus it couldn't hurt getting ourselves properly 'conditioned' for the experience. K and I were completely SERIOUS about this tour... In fact, I even booked us at this place called Villa Trapp. It's the ACTUAL house of the REAL Von Trapp family that got turned into a little hotel/bed and breakfast!

Family portrait of the real Von Trapp Family!

The Villa Trapp's sitting room!

I don't think a lot of people know that The Sound of Music is based on the lives of real people. Well, we stayed in their house, specifically in one of the daughter's room - Joanna (who is technically Liesl in the film). It was such a lovely little place, very homey and personal... It had a lot of photos of the real Maria and The Captain and the children which was pretty awesome.

I guess this is how they marched down the stairs...

Staying there made the whole Sound of Music experience seem more complete.

Now the tour...

Just --- wow.

I have to say that it was the perfect opportunity to see Salzburg, Austria.

This was our bus.

If you look closely, you will see K and I in front of the bus.

How cheesy and perfect, right??

He was our tour guide.

He reminded me of that guy from Bridget Jones Diary... You know how Bridget's mom started dating the dude who was selling stuff on infomercials? Seems kinda gay-ish, but fabulous? That's him. :)

Our seats on the bus? Front row, of course. :)

Let me take you on a quick rundown of the tour...

Our first stop was the Mansion.

This is the exterior of the Mansion that they used in the movie. They only used the outside, and inside was just a studio in Hollywood. If I remember correctly, this place is currently one of the very prestigious music schools in Salzburg at the moment.

The Gazebo

Of course we were twirling. 
Weeeeeeee! The gazebo was locked though. Apparently because once again, some stupid American girl once tried to do the "Sixteen going on Seventeen" choreography and she fell and broke her ankle. UGH. Ruined it for all of us! Admittedly though - I would have done the whole skipping from one bench to the other too... Only I wouldn't have fallen.

The Abbey/Church 

This is where Maria and the Captain got married! It's a lot smaller in real life, but just as magnificent.

The Trees

This is the same set of trees that the kids climbed in the movie!

And for the rest of the photos that are too many to share one by one, I have created something very special for your viewing pleasure!

Tadaaaa! What an amazing trip! I'm sure I can speak for K when I say, The Sound Of Music Tour was perfect... Not just for SOM fans, but for anyone who wants to see Salzburg in all its glory! It gave us the best opportunity to experience what it would have been like being a Von Trapp -- most especially, being Maria. 

We had such a great time, and now I miss it! I miss everything and I feel sad...
But it's okay. Because... (you know it's coming...)
I'll simply remember my favorite things... and then I don't feeeeel sooooo baaaaaaaaaaad!!!!