My name is Eartha, and my favorite font is Trebuchet.

I'm a Filipina currently living in Los Angeles with dreams of someday owning a castle in Scotland.

This blog used to be the home of my 30by30 Project, where I wrote a detailed account of 30 things I did before I turned 30. Now that that's done, I've started a new project! Well, it's more like a new life path, really.

I recently decided to quit my job to travel the world, and I've turned my website into a full on Travel/Adventure/Lifestyle Blog! From here on out, I will write anything and everything involving my up and coming Round The World trip, or my favorite destinations from any of my past excursions, or any adventurous or sporty or fun activities I get myself involved in, or just random rambles about life as a poor couchsurfer (and future backpacker!). Yippeeeee!

Things I love: travel, cookies, music, boxing, edinburgh, flying, bacon, my ukulele, new york city, the ocean, orcas, singing, harry potter, halloween, hats, my family, gelato, books, danny wallace, my feather quill, hurricanes (the drink, not the natural disaster), celebrities, post cards (send me one!!), pictures, guinness, phoebe (my dog), movies, adele, the french language, the british accents, chocolate, musical theater, pilot season, fall weather, the smell of fresh laundry, snowboarding, bestfriends.

Things I could live without: loud snores, paying taxes, constipation, the fat in my thighs, drama, beets, vegas, flaky people, migraines.

Thanks for visiting, folks! Check back every week for updates on my new life as a vagabond...


*My new banner art was created by the talented Filipino Children's Book Illustrator, Aldy Aguirre. :)