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My 2013 Travel Destinations - Parts 2 & 3

On my last post, I showed you the first leg of my RTW tour – The Friends and Family Discount! I will sache around Middle Earth, hang out with a statue of an Akita, and roll around in mud at a music festival! Good stuff! On the next leg, I will get down and dirty all over Europe. This is still a very rough itinerary, but if Help Exchange permits, these are the places I want to visit. Welcome to the second leg of My 2013 Destinations:

Part 2: The Helpex Backpacking Europe Experience 


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I’ve been to Venice and Florence, and only spent a couple days there. This time around, I want to visit areas that are not as touristy. I really want to learn more about the Italian culture… their food, their lifestyle… and I want to know how the Italian women maintain their voluptuous figures, having 24 hour access to pizza, pasta, olive oil and wine!


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They say Croatia is the new Ibiza. I’ll have to find out for myself!


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Of course I’m going to Greece. How can I not?? I’m obsessed with Greek Mythology, and am convinced I am one of Poseidon’s great great granddaughters. I want to go to the Oracle at Delphi and say hey.


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I want to go to Israel and do the Holy Land tour. This is the one country that my dad recommends I visit, and as the most traveled man I know, I trust his judgement. I think it will be pretty epic. I’m already getting goosebumps just thinking about it.


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The Pyramids! Santiago! The Alchemist! Buried Treasure! My Personal Legend!


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I have heard so many wonderful things about how amazing Iceland is… and just this past weekend at the LA Travel andAdventure Show, I met a really cool Icelandic local who talked passionately about his country! I’ve been having reservations about visiting Iceland just because it’s so far away from everywhere else in Europe. It’s a completely separate island, and I’d have to fly there. But after speaking with my new friend, I’ve decided to go for it… Yes. I will go to Iceland! Hopefully I can see the Aurora Borealis while I’m there!!!


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I’ve only been to Barcelona… I’d like to explore different areas like Madrid, Ibiza or Sevilla too. Everywhere I go, I get mistaken for a Latina anyway… might as well spend time in Spain and hang with people who sort of look like me? Haha!


Like I said, this is a very rough itinerary… I don’t want to set things in stone because I don’t know how things would work out with Help Exchange, and I’m still trying to figure things out, money-wise. But if all goes well, I’m hoping to be able to visit these places between the months of July and December. I plan to spend the Christmas holidays in the UK with friends and family, that way I won’t get too lonesome on the road by myself. Let’s hope I get a real white Christmas this time! :)

After the holidays, I’ll still have a few months to spare before my RTW year ends… and there are a few more places I want to visit outside of Europe that I’d like to visit before going back to California. That brings me to the bonus, third leg of my tour:

PART 3: The Magical Mystery Tour – Journey Home

I don’t know if I can accomplish this because I don’t even know if my funds will last me this long… but if I’m lucky, then these are the remaining countries on my list.

Costa Rica

Costa Rican Waterfalls -

Studies show that Costa Rica is the Happiest Place on Earth. Yes – it beat Disneyland, and I want to personally find that out for myself!


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I am going to Carnival!!! I am going to make this happen, you just watch me. I will rock a feathery costume and dance till I drop! :)


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OK I know this is a State – but I wanna visit anyway! I haven’t been here and I hear it’s amazing! Maybe if I don't see the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, I might see it here! :)


Photo by Allie Greenman

I have tons of friends in Canada and I would love to go and see all of them before I go back home!

Aaaaand that concludes my RTW trip itinerary! Parts 2 and 3 aren’t really set in stone yet, but I figured it’s good to at least have a goal, right? That way I have something to aim for. There are a few castles in Denmark and Germany that I’d like to see along the way too… A friend of mine is staying in France for the summer and I want to visit him there… And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop by Switzerland and Austria again just to see familiar faces and familiar places… 

In a way, I’m glad this is all just a draft. That gives me a lot of room to go with the flow, you know?

I know I’m starting my big Eurotrip in the UK, but I honestly don’t know where I’ll end up. I plan to go to Egypt, but who knows? I may like picking grapes in Italy so much, I may end up staying there longer! I think it’s good to have an outline, but I also like the fact that I don’t really know what’s going to happen for sure. I like a little mystery in my life, don’t you?

All I know for sure is that this is going to be one EPIC trip, and I will have the time of my life :)

Did I miss something? Where else do you think I should go? Leave your suggestions on the comments below! :)


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