Thursday, February 7, 2013

My RTW Update: One Month Before Departure

So here I am, barely a month to go before I leave Los Angeles. I am a nervous wreck and emotionally unstable at the moment. I think I actually might have turned bipolar.

On the one hand, I’m really excited to just get up and go! On the other hand, I am freaking out about the stuff I still have to do, and the things I haven’t figured out yet.

OK let me backtrack a little, and give you an idea of my schedule.

My last day working out of my office in Beverly Hills is March 1. I asked for about a week off (March 4 – 8) to get my sh*t together, pack, say my goodbye’s to everyone properly, and sort everything out. Then I am leaving for Manila on March 9. I manage my company’s two vendor sites (call centers) in the Philippines, and I am headed there to train my replacement. I’m doing that for three weeks, and March 29 is my official last day at work.

Causes of Stress


One of the main things I need to be able to deal with is selling my car. I’ve had a few interested buyers, but none of them are set in stone. I’m not inclined to sell it RIGHT NOW because I still need it for the next few weeks, but at the same time, if I slack off, I might not find a buyer in time. STRESS!
Do YOU want a 2011 Honda CRV? Put me out of my misery? His name is Banksy by the way.


So you all know that I’ve moved out, sold everything, did a short stint in Long Beach, and am now living back in LA renting a room. Savings-wise, I could have done better. It’s just that there were so many unforeseen (EXPENSIVE) expenses that I’ve had to deal with that incidentally, all had to do with my car (accident, traffic citation, gas when I lived in Long Beach, car registration renewal, new tires needed). Paying for all of that was painful, and not to mention - put a huge dent on my savings. I’m getting a pretty hefty tax refund in a few weeks, thanks to my accountant, but it wasn’t as much as I had hoped. So basically, I am not where I should be – moneywise. STRESS!


I still have that potential job lined up for me… something I can do “from home”, or in my case, from anywhere in the world. Again, it’s just not set in stone yet. I won’t know till I sit down and interview with the big boss --- and that can only happen when I am in the Philippines already, free and unemployed. In the meantime, I have been browsing through websites like e-lance and odesk, and even craigslist for freelance gigs. However, I couldn’t commit to any of the jobs yet because they require so much time and effort, which I currently cannot provide because I am still working! AARGH! Everything is up in the air! I can’t do much yet, and being this helpless is killing me. STRESS!

Let’s all take a cleansing breath, and do an OM in 3…2...



Right. It’s not that bad. It’s all in my head. I should just relax, calm down, and believe that things will work out. Someone will buy my car for sure. I’m not selling it for profit… I just want to get rid of it nice and clean. The money I have is fine. I won’t pay for board and lodging, remember? I can make that last… And about the job --- I’m sure I will blow them away at that interview. And when I do, that takes care of the money issues I have, because then I can still keep earning while I’m on the road! :) Everything will work out because the Universe is on my side!

(Bipolar endrant)

Anyway… just to give you guys an update… I have purchased a portion of my RTW ticket. Thanks to the amazing customer service and powers of Airtreks, I was able to book these multi-city destination tickets for around $2,800. 

I also have purchased my RTW Backpack – The Osprey Farpoint 55! It came highly recommended by a few travel bloggers, I went to the store and tried it on myself, and I think it’s perfect. I will talk more about it as I get closer to leaving. I know in the photo it looks cute and green --- well in real life it’s not. It’s murky and it looks like the color of mud. I actually picked out the ugliest color on purpose because it’s cheaper, and it wades off potential thieves. No one will want an ugly swampy looking backpack, right?

I’m currently obsessed with reversible clothing. I’m basically on the prowl for anything I can wear in different ways to save on luggage space. For instance, I got this magic skirt that you can wear a hundred different ways. I’ve been seeing these things at random kiosks for yeaaars and never thought I’d have any use for them till now. That should save me the trouble of figuring out what to wear, right? 

I’ve also purchased these awesome lightweight quick-drying travel shoes. They are called Glagla. I know. Awesome name, right? Seriously, I can run in water wearing these and they’ll be fine. They barely weigh anything so that’s awesome for my feet and for my back (when it’s in my backpack). 

So yeah, I’m almost there. I’m really anxious. It’s like there’s a knot in my stomach that won’t go away. I’m stressed out even if I know I really shouldn’t be. And every now and then, I get these moments. Moments where I feel --- not sad, but a little melancholy? Maybe because I’m going to miss LA and my friends and my life here SO MUCH. The closer I get to my launch date, the more real it feels. I’m trying to hang out with as much people as I could, as often as I can… that way when it’s really time to go, I won’t have any regrets.

I know I sound like a complete lunatic, ranting about how stressed I am, then consoling myself right after… I’m hoping this is just a phase. It’s no fun being unhinged like I am now. I think I always just have to remind myself… that anytime things get too overwhelming, when I get tired from all the stress and want the earth to stop spinning for a second… All I gotta do is slow down, and breathe.

I'm nearly there. Wish me luck! :)

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