Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Beatles Tour in Liverpool

My good friend, Andy and I took off from Cardiff to Liverpool for a Road Trip Weekend. Neither of us have ever been there, and I was keen to visit specifically for all the Beatles related tourist areas.

The Beatles Story
Andy and I :)

I can't say I'm a die-hard Beatles fan, but I am a fan. I grew up listening to their songs, one of my best friends growing up was obsessed over Paul McCartney, I've walked down Abbey Road, and I really enjoyed Cirque du Soleil's LOVE - which is a Beatles themed (and my favorite) Cirque show! And let's not forget the Paul McCartney concert I got to see for free at the Royal Albert Hall, courtesy of my hero, Danny Wallace. :)
So yes, I am a proper fan.

Cavern Quarters Liverpool
At the Cavern Quarter in Liverpool
John Lennon Statue at Cavern
John Lennon hanging out

Walking down the streets of the city where it all began for them gave me a sense of nostalgia. It's the "great things come from small beginnings" type of sentiment that kept resonating in my head... especially inside the Cavern Club, the spot where The Beatles were discovered.

The Cavern Liverpool

The Cavern Stage

We spent most of the day exploring The Beatles Story Exhibition, which is a museum dedicated to The Beatles AND Elvis. I didn't realize Elvis was such a big influence on them... In fact --- did you guys know that the song, Yesterday, was originally sung by Elvis? I did NOT know that! That's pretty wild...

Elvis and The Beatles

The museum was good. Informative, colorful, and of course, musical. Part of the nostalgia comes from all the songs they played inside... Made it more interesting when people all around me started bursting into song. One can't help but join in, really.

Yellow Submarine
Penny Lane
If I were born in the era of The Beatles or Elvis... I'm pretty sure I'd end up being one of these ladies...

Correction: I would be SO MUCH WORSE.

I felt a little sad towards the end of the tour when they explain the break up of The Beatles. They had such a great thing going for them you don't ever want to think something as magnanimous as what they had, had to come to an end too.

But see, that's the great thing about music. Once you make them, they live forever... and so do the ones who wrote or sang them. As long as people are willing to listen... their story continues. :)

The Story Continues