Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Color Run San Diego

On Saturday, November 3, I participated in The Color Run in San Diego!

The Color Run is basically just a fun 5K run where you get blasted with color powder. I personally am not a runner. I suck at it. I have poor endurance and I itch. That’s right. I itch. I think it might be an allergic reaction to sweat. In fact the only reason why I signed up for it is because of the colors! I wanted to be doused and saturated and smothered with color! I wanted to come out of it looking like a tie dyed shirt! There are zombie runs where you get chased by zombies, and there are mud runs where you toss and tumble and gooey mud. Not my cuppa tea. I’m more of a colored woman so to speak. Bring on the rainbow!!!

It doesn’t say it anywhere on their website – but I have a feeling they got the idea from India’s Day of Holi – or the Festival of Colors! From what I understand, this is a celebration of the coming of Spring, and they throw scented colored powder to each other! I saw this in a movie a long time ago, and I remember wishing we did something like that here in the States… And now – VOILA! The Color Run! Another dream come true! Whoopeee!

A photo from the Indian Color Festival - The Day of Holi

OK. It’s really easy to participate. Just register online (I paid cheap because I registered early) and you will be given instructions, which is basically just – wear white. The more white you have on you, the better and more colorful you’re going to look at the end! People came in wearing white afro wigs, white boa’s, white tutu’s, white tube socks, the works!

(Click on the photos to enlarge)

New friends with White Boa's

Creative white costumes!

They also give you tips about washing yourself and your clothes after. For example – smothering your hair with olive oil or leave-on conditioner at the beginning will make it easier for you to wash the color off. I didn’t bother because I wanted the colors to stain my hair. :)

I didn’t want to have to worry about ruining my fave clothes, so I bought a 4 dollar white shirt specifically for the event, so I can feel free to color it however I want!

You can run as an individual, or you can run as a team. I put a team together and I called ourselves – “The Pigments of Your Imagination!”
I know! Really smart, right? 

My Team - The Pigments of Your Imagination

Right. OK I will stop talking now – and just show you my awesome multihued photos.

Orange really is my color...
Bumped into my friend, Amy and her team!

My sister - the photographer for the day!
Look at them! They're my favorite Couple!

So every kilometer, you go through what they call a “Color Zone”. It functions as a marker to let you know how far you’ve gone, but also – and this is my favorite – it is an opportunity for you to get colorized! A group of volunteers literally throw a pail of color powder over you! It’s the funnest part of the run because each color zone has a different color assigned, and they have blaring music to accompany the fun color drenching! So you’re there in the blue zone, screaming at the volunteers to blast you with powder, jumping up and down to One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful! Seriously, if you’re going to look like a dork rocking out to that song, might as well be in a cloud of blue smoke!

Blue Zone!
And at the end, right at the Finish Line, you run towards the Color Run After Party! Every few minutes, a burst of color erupts from every corner... so if you hadn't satisfied your color fix yet, there's your chance!

Colors Colors Colors!

Color Run After Party!

My Team

Don’t the photos look amazing? I totally recommend The Color Run to anyone who's looking to have some good clean (well, sort of) fun! Do it! I’ve never had so much fun running in my life --- and I hate running! It truly is the Happiest 5K on the planet!

While I am waiting to leave for my big trip next year, there's no reason why I should stop living like a tourist in my home in California, right? I will do anything and everything in the name of merriment and pleasure. And you should too!

They are expanding and adding more locations --- including Australia! Take a look at their schedule here.
They actually have another one coming up in Los Angeles this February!So If you live in SoCal – I’ll see you there!!!

Mandatory Jump Shot