Thursday, November 22, 2012

Win Free Tickets to Chill: A Winter Wonderland at the Queen Mary

Last Friday, Nov 16th, I was given the opportunity along with my friends, to attend Chill – The newest winter attraction at The Queen Mary!

To those of you who aren’t familiar – The Queen Mary is a  retired ocean liner now being used as a hotel/museum/tourist attraction in Long Beach. For this winter season, they decked out The Queen Mary Seawalk and turned it into their version of a Winter Wonderland.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but living in California where the sun always shines make me excited for snow or ice! I personally vowed to visit Chill the moment I saw the billboards around my neighborhood, and going there and seeing it live definitely did not disappoint!
There was an Ice Skating rink, a Holiday Village (where I met Santa), Ice Tubing, and my favorite – An Ice Kingdom!

A skating rink!
Kiddies having fun with Gingerbread houses at the holiday village!

Wriss and I having fun with snowmen!

The Ice Kingdom!

Since it was technically Chill's "launch", there was a ribbon cutting and everything. And yes, even the ribbon was made of ice! They had to 'cut' it using a mini electric chainsaw!

That guy on the right is James Maslow - a kid from the show "Big Time Rush" in Nickelodeon. The two kids on the left are from the show, Ant Farm!

The Ice Kingdom is basically a huge frozen igloo handmade entirely out of ice. To keep the sculptures from melting, they keep the temperature at a freezing 9 degrees. And to prevent the visitors from dying from hypothermia, they hand out blue parkas for you to use while you’re inside exploring! I thought that was a nice touch… my friends and I definitely had fun in them. It was a necessity too because even with the parkas, our fingers and toes went numb. It was so cold, it felt like even the ground was made of ice! I think I can honestly say I haven’t been that cold in my life! It was fun!

Here are some photos we took inside. (Click any photo to enlarge)

Freezing in our Blue Parkas!
The Ice Kingdom!

Inspecting an icy sled

They made a Queen Mary ice replica! Pretty cool with the whale!

View from the top of the Ice Queen Mary

We were visited by the beauty queens of Long Beach and California!

Santa's Ice Toyland!

Stealing Santa's Ice Candy Cane

Wriss with a Panda!

Me with a Giraffe

Benny with a Bear

Beautiful Icy Nativity


When we got out to get some drinks to warm ourselves up at the Holiday Village, we were greeted and serenaded by these carolers! They were so good – they could sing any Christmas Song you could think of! I think we asked them to sing about 6 songs for us that night. We yelled out a song for them to sing each time we bumped into them!

They sang, "Santa Baby" - which was totally apt! It was originally sung by my namesake, Eartha Kitt!

Apart from the carolers, there were also these jugglers on stilts.

Yeah he clearly loved his job :)

And I did mention Santa, right? This has quickly become one of my most favorite heartwarming photos...


My friends and I had a great time hanging out at Chill. It's the closest we can get to a white winter down here in SoCal, so if you guys are in the area or planning to visit, I totally recommend it!


Chill is open from November 17 to January 6, and I am giving away 2 FREE TICKETS to one lucky California Resident (or ANYONE planning to visit LA between now and Jan 6!)

All you need to do is:

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2. Post or Share a photo on my page's wall of the COLDEST you've ever been! (Could be a photo of you stuck in a mound of snow, or caught in a snow storm, or you in front of the freezer...)
3. Whoever posts the "coolest" photo by November 28 wins! :)

That's it! Good luck guys!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!