Thursday, March 21, 2013

Best Little Travel Gifts I Got From Friends

Traveler Presents

Let me preface this by saying - I have the most amazing friends. Despite me saying "no presents", they still went ahead and gifted me things they think I would find most useful for my RTW trip! These travel "gadgets" and whatnots are all stuff that I can bring with me this year, so I thought I'd share them on this post in case some of you were looking to make a checklist of things you need for an upcoming trip yourselves. Here they are in no particular order...

Power Chargers

Brookstone Goodies c/o Vendor

For Christmas, one of our company's vendors gave me an Ipad Bluetooth Headset from Brookstone. Seeing that I will have no use for it whatsoever, I went and had it exchanged for these power chargers! Yippeee for return/exchange policies!

Traveler Bag Tags

Bag Tags c/o Jackie and Lexus

How cute are these two? I'm totally using both of them!

Best Traveler Present is Cash

A BIG WAD OF CASH c/o Tito Nelson

My friend, Nelson, is for real. He literally gave me a big wad of cash. I thought it was play money at first! I couldn't believe it. Not only did he give me a hundred bucks in one's, he also gave me a whole bunch of other currencies! Thank you, Tito Nelson!!! I can only wish all of my other friends will follow your example. ;)

Traveler Necessity - Condom

Condom - c/o Tito Nelson

Um... No comment. ;)

EyeFi for Camera

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card c/o My brother and sister in law

This is a pretty cool gadget. When you take photos, the wireless memory card allows instant upload to your chosen recipient (Ipad, Computer or Phone) just as long as you have WiFi connection! Thanks Kuya and Ate! :)

Hand Sanitizing Spray

Hand Sanitizing Spray c/o Amy J

You can never be too clean while you're on the road!

Hooded Poncho for Travel

Hooded Poncho c/o Lara

I actually have one of these poncho's but I've never had to use it before. Since I'll be traveling for a whole year, I'm sure this will come in handy! And now, I have two! :)

Insect Repellent Spray

Insect Repellent c/o Amy J

Just the other day my legs were attacked by mosquito's while hanging out with a couple friends outside a bar. I should have brought these with me then...

Pepper Spray for Travelers

Pepper Spray c/o Amy J

I really wish these were permitted as a carry on... I still need to figure out how to take this with me on my backpack..

Swiss Army Knife for Travel

Swiss Army Knife c/o My Brother

Now the Swiss Army Knife on the other hand recently just got approved as a safe item to bring as a hand carry! Thank goodness for that! This is an awesome travel tool! :)

TSA Locks for Travel

TSA Locks c/o Ben

My backpack will be a lot safer with these bad boys :) Great color isn't it?

Travel Compression Bags

Travel Compression Bags c/o Maui

To help me squeeze all of my clothes into my tiny backpack!

Travel Journal

Travel Journal c/o Ilana

It has a world map design, and is travel size too! It's tiny! Yay!

USB Hubman

USB Hubman c/o Lexus

How cute is this USB thing? :)

Earth Necklace

Earth Necklace c/o My Sister, Kat

This is possibly my favorite out of everything I've received. I have been looking for an Earth necklace for more than 6 months, and on the day of my departure, voila! My sister gives it to me as a farewell present! It is beautiful! And do you see it comes with little binoculars too? How appropriate for Earth2Eartha... :) I love it... I love it...


THANK YOU to my friends and family who took the time out to get me all these necessities for my travels. I know for sure all of these will come in handy, and you guys saved me a whole lot of time, effort and money than if I were to have gotten these myself. Goodness knows I've already spent a fortune on the other big stuff I need (laptop, backpack, camera lens)... This just proves that it's really the little things that count! :)

When I get closer to my launch date, I will post a very detailed RTW Packing List that will include all of the above, plus all the stuff I purchased myself. Clothes, travel gadgets, travel gear, compression sacks, the works. I have about 6 weeks to prepare, so I promise, it will be the most comprehensive obsessive compulsive travel list ever to be found in all the Internets!

In the meantime, what's the best Travel present you've ever received? :)

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