Thursday, March 14, 2013

Greetings from Manila!


So after an incredibly epic Send Off party last Friday which gave me the worst hang over of my life on the day I have to fly 15 hours on a plane, here I am, finally, in Manila.

I was greeted at the airport by my dog, Phoebe, who first looked pissy for waiting so long, but then cheered up eventually and gave me a lick on my nose.

Before I left LA, people kept asking me if I was excited about my trip, and I kept saying no. No, because I really wasn't going on my big trip yet. I still have to get through three weeks of working - in the NIGHT SHIFT might I add - to finish training my replacement at work, Maui. All I felt in the days coming up to my departure was stress and sadness. Stress because there was so much to do and prepare before leaving, and sadness because, well, goodbye's are sad.

But that's done, and I'm here... At least the stress of leaving Los Angeles is far behind me. Although... now I am faced with the stress of dealing with Manila traffic everyday!

Seriously... The 405 during rush hour seems like an easy drive compared to this. No wonder LA traffic never really bothered me that much... I grew up getting used to something much, much worse! Haha :)
And to prove I was barely moving... look who's strolling in the highway...

Yes, I bought a couple bananas from him. Because they are more fun in the Philippines. (I've always wanted to make my own "More Fun In The Philippines" ad... I know I can do better than this though)

It's also a little trippy working the graveyard shift. I'm technically still on LA time so the only upside to it is that I never had jetlag.

Manila does come alive at night though. Ever since the call center industry boomed over here, it could give Manhattan a run for its money for the title - "The city that never sleeps". I just wish I had one of those automatic window blackout shades that block out the sun because it's so hard to get some shut eye with light beaming down at full force on me during the day!

This is where I work. Not bad, eh?

Having said all that - I still love being home. I was born here, raised here, and it's great staying at my parents house, in my old bedroom with Phoebe trotting along after me wherever I go. Every time I go down to the dining table, breakfast is laid out for me... and I don't even have to do the dishes! When I air out my work clothes for the next day before going to bed, it will be washed, pressed and hung when I wake up!
Oh... and did I mention that my dad lets me use a CRV while I'm here? Which he painted RED after my  car, Banksy (which I just sold)?

It's good to have a Banksy again... Thanks Dad! :)

I've gone back to my old boxing gym to work out with my old trainer, who massages my hands and shoulders after every 3 minute round, and gives me a 20 minute full on body stretching and massage combination after each of my daily 2 hour workouts! All for just 5 bucks!

There's still a lot more to look forward to... like seeing my friends or going to the beach or celebrating my birthday on the 25th - where I have something HUGE planned apart from a party (more on that on future posts)... So yeah, things are good at the moment. I've only been here a few days and I'm already feeling tension easing out of my shoulders.

This is definitely in the foreseeable future... :)

Yeah. Things are good... and I know they're bound to get better.
The closer I get to leaving for Australia, I'm sure things will get hectic again... but for now, I'm trying to enjoy Manila while I can.

It's good to be home :)

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