Thursday, May 16, 2013

Melbourne: The Most Livable City?

Melbourne! Where do I even begin....

OK. Let's start with --- People around me have hyped Melbourne up to be the Australian version of New York City... and I'm here to confirm that - NO. It is not. And that's neither a good nor a bad thing.

Melbourne, just like Sydney, is its own city. It's beautiful, incredibly clean, and easy - public transport wise. I guess the main similarity with New York is the grid system - and in my opinion, it just about ends there. NYC is crazy. Melbourne isn't. In fact, it's completely the opposite. It's so laid back and very chill.

My travel partner, Karen and I spent about 6 days in Melbourne so we saw quite a lot of it, many thanks to our Filipino hosts, Tita Bess and Tito Bogie. :) Here are the highlights of the trip in photos...

WHOOP! Downtown Melbourne. Jumpshot. Boom. It's so nice and sunny and clean!

Ahhhh Autumn... My faaavorite season... Makes everything beautiful.

Saw an Australian Football League game at Melbourne Cricket Grounds. I had no idea what was going on in the field. They were running around in short shorts and it was nuts... but I had fun! It was definitely an experience!

Before the game, we had some time to goof around at the National Sports Museum at MCG :)

Went to see some Street Art at Hosier Lane!

Ate some fish and chips at the Docklands.

Got annoyed by lazy and sleepy Koala Bears! WAKE UP!!! I want to cuddle!

This is quite the leery owl! I think he's my favorite animal in the Healsvile Sanctuary!

OK don't even get me started on this Kangaroo. Yeah - like I'd have space in my backpack for your joey!

A big cow stuck in a tree. Hmm...

Went to Luna Park - which is a hundred years old. Literally... they celebrated their hundredth this year!

Checked out the night scene in the city... not too shabby!

Voila! I wish I could post more of the photos I took --- I have plenty!! I just don't have the time... Blogging while I'm on the road is pretty rough... I feel like I'm so tired all the time and super on the go! I should have a lot of down time coming up this June - and I can elaborate more on my trips then.

In the meantime... a final thought.

Melbourne is a beautiful city. It's easy to get around, and I think I understand why it has been named one of the most livable cities in the world year after year...

But if I'm being honest --- I have to say I liked Sydney more.

I may be a little biased... You see, I love Los Angeles. And Sydney reminds me so much of Los Angeles. Therefore, I love Sydney.  :)

To be fair - I think I would have liked Melbourne better if I had more money to spend... but being a poor backpacker in a really expensive city... things can get a little difficult... I couldn't enjoy the "culture" everyone keeps talking about, because the culture involves spending money on shopping and food.

Maybe one day when I've made my first million, I can go back to Melbs and give it another shot...

For now...

Next Stop: AUCKLAND, NZ!

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