Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sydney, My Home Away From Home

Sydney Opera House At Night

Sydney, Baby!

I'm off to a great start on my Round The World trip! I'm having a great time in Australia! :) It started out pretty rocky when I had a few issues with my Jetstar flight from Manila to Sydney... not to mention losing my travel partner, Karen. We were supposed to meet in Sydney because we were on different flights, but it turns out she never got to fly! She had problems with her booking and didn't get to Australia till 2 days later.

Nevertheless, I got to catch up with my family in Sydney and I had a great time with them. I never knew I had so many relatives here! I knew I had aunts and cousins, but I never realized how many nieces and nephews I had as well! We had a little family reunion on Sunday brunch, and there were about 19 of us! It was nuts!

Family in Sydney

I'm lucky I had my cousins to take me around the city... It only took a few minutes of walking and driving around for me to realize how much Sydney reminds me of LA! I kept thinking to myself - "This is Los Angeles without the palm trees!"

Great views of Sydney

I guess it's mostly the look and feel of it that reminds me of home. The traffic, the way the whole city is spread out (so much so that you need a car to survive), the beaches that surround the area, and the fact that it has great weather!

View of Bondi Beach in Sydney

Bondi Beach for example, reminds me so much of Laguna Beach, CA. Only - the water is bluer :) It's beautiful isn't it?

Bondi Beach like Cinque Terre
This shot of Bondi reminds me of Cinque Terre in Italy :)
Bondi Beach definitely lived up to its hype. The sands are as white as Boracay's, and the water as blue as Alec Baldwin's eyes. :)

Pool at Bondi Beach

This is my favorite bit of Bondi. It's a pool that takes its water from the ocean! How SMART is that??? It's amazing! :)

Of course I had to take obligatory Sydney Opera House shots. It is one of the iconic landmarks after all...

View of the Sydney Opera House

I can only say good things about this place. To be honest, Sydney makes me a little home sick for LA because it's so similar... It's easy for me to love it here because I'm surrounded by family, sunshine, and spectacular beauty...

Spectacular Views of Sydney
AND - CELEBRITIES!!! Look who bumped into me! See, even in Sydney I'm a celebrity magnet!

Earth2Eartha and Eric Bana
My friend, Eric Bana.
The only downside to Sydney - or Australia in general, is that everything is SO expensive! Haha! $4.50 for a cuppa coffee? $2.50 for a doughnut? Thank goodness I was staying with my family or else I would have been too broke to continue this round the world trip!

I do wish I could have spent more time here though. I've only really had time to do touristy things... and I would have wanted to hang out with my cousins and nieces and nephews more.

Well the beauty of having family here is that I can always go back. :)

In the meantime, see you later, Sydney!

I'm coming for you, Melbourne! :)

Great Views of Sydney, Australia

I will post more photos on my Facebook page. You can watch out for them here. :)

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