Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween In Israel

This post will be short. I waited till the Halloween Party was over to write... because It IS Halloween after all, and I'd like to be able to post about it today, even if I'm about to pass out!

I am in Israel, safe and sound, working at Overstay Hostel in Tel Aviv. I arrived here on Monday night, and the first thing I asked my new boss was, "Um... will you have a Halloween party?"

This question made him laugh because it came out of nowhere. When it became apparent that they never really had any plans, I eagerly volunteered my services to organize a Halloween Costume Party at the hostel for the guests, and he was all too happy to oblige!

Before I knew it, I was back to my old self again! Running around, planning the party, getting all the materials, decorations, candy, you name it! After I had decorated the reception area (with the help of the other volunteers I was bossing around of course), the guests started to get into the Halloween spirit!

The challenge was trying to find costumes, since Overstay is a backpacker hostel, and we were all - well, backpackers! We hardly had any clothes, let alone a costume! Luckily the hostel staff had a whole bunch of costumes and props in their basement... stuff that they've used in a Zombie Party they had a few months ago! Everything they had were made available to the guests, and as I had hoped, they ALL got into it! I managed to borrow my roommate's brown shawl and used it as a skirt to become Tiger Lilly. It was a bit of a fail though since everyone called me, "Pocahontas". Oh well... both Native American :)

An Argentinian Hippie and Tiger Lily manning the bar

And as for the party? Well, let's just say that if a party gets shut down by the Israeli cops TWICE in one night, one can safely say people had a helluva good time!!!

I wore many hats in this party. One of them is "makeup artist" - and I did that Joker's face!
I turned this beautiful boy into Khal Drogo!

Yes, and I did their faces too!

Hanging out at the rooftop!

Safe to say, the guests got "hooked" on Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!